• CY001 - V/A - Decapitated One-Liners EP

  • Parrish Smith's debut of dystopic forbidding sets the tone and weight of this release with a stark, acid ridden slab of body music which shows a keen ear and definite skill for someone who only began producing in earnest less than a year ago. Golden Pudel resident Helena Hauff, having had music released recently on Bunker records sub-label Panzerkreuz, adds to the proceedings with her remix of Pankow's "Das Vodkalied" taking no prisoners and using heavy percussion in contrast to a wonderfully tense set of arpeggiations, which all descend into skull crushing pressure.Carrying over to the flip side are Pankow, pioneers of the Italian Industrial/EBM scene, with two tracks from their legendary first tape "Throw Out Rite" released in 1983. With the almost disorientating original version of "Das Vodkalied" carrying on nicely from Miss Hauff's remix, disembodied vocals are cut up and come from every direction as they resound about a steel chamber driven by a raw, off-kilter energy and pounding beat. "I'm Food For You" drops the confusion for more discernible vocals, but cranks up the drive and anxiety to create a very forward moving track based around stark arpeggiation. Both versions of these tracks have never appeared on vinyl before.
    Last of all, Perseus Traxx provides a stripped down venting of frustrations, quickly arranged and captured on tape, which he spits out with vehemence in stark contrast to his deeper and more dreamy explorations of house music, thereby providing something much more in keeping with output on Bunker Records.

    A1 - Parrish Smith - Revolution Will Always Be Televised
    A2 - Pankow - Das Vodkalied (Helena Hauff remix)

    B1 - Pankow - Das Vodkalied (1983)
    B2 - Pankow - I'm Food For You (1983)
    B3 - Perseus Traxx - Get Away

    VINYL: JUNO and all other good record shops


  • B1 - PANKOW - DAS VODKALIED (1983)

    B2 - PANKOW - I'M FOOD FOR YOU (1983)

    Both tracks originally from the cassette 'Throw Out Rite' (Electric Eye Records) (1983)