• CY007 - V/A - From Heavy Metal Bashing to Leisure Pursuits EP

    A1 - Eindkrak - Shawarma
    A2 - Andromeda Complex - The Servant (Extract) (1994)
    A3 - GDL - 4

    B1 - Circling Vultures - Feasting on the Caucus of the Fallen Divine King
    B2 - Andromeda Complex - The Servant (Klankman Remix)


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    Hot on the heels of CY006 we have the latest quintet of past profanity and new nastiness. Unknown Precept’s Eindkrak serves up a grease dripping, ball bearing filled dish of “Shawarma.” After the entre comes a 90s treat. Kirlian Camera’s Angelo Bergamini’s side project with Celestino Pes under the name Andromeda Complex. Here the partnership offer the drums flailing beast that is “The Servant (Extract)”, tongue lolling, eyes bulging techno brutalism from 1994. “4” sees GDL collide claps and low level bass line abuse as a thick haze gathers. On the flip. L.I.E.S. and Secret Studio scavengers, Circling Vultures are savagely “Feasting on the Caucus of the Fallen Divine King” before Bunker back row bully Klankman twists his knife into “The Servant”. Your latest dose of mean musical medicine has been served.