• CY008 - Haydée/Hunting Lodge/Catriel/Giant Swan/Gotshell - PREVIEW    

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    CY008 - VA - The Black Wig Throw Off EP

    A1 - Haydée - No Gouvernance
    A2 - Hunting Lodge - De Omnibus Dubitandum (1983)
    A3 - Catriel - nbdymksmefeellowlikeudo

    B1 - Giant Swan - Dare
    B2 - Hunting Lodge - De Omnibus Dubitandum (Gotshell Remix)


    A kick drum introduces The Black Wig Throw Off. Putting the foot to the pedal? French duo Haydee (Simple Music Experience). “No Gouvernance” revs and rumbles like a cantankerous, clapped out engine. Rust breaks clean in huge chunks as screams and shouts punch through the thick drum fumes. Industrial legends Hunting Lodge follow in a similarly smog spitting motor, the drunken mechanical tirade that is “De Omnibus Dubitandum.” Bass and beats crack and leak in this proto-acid scarred work from 1983, hiss spilling over into juddering chords. Newcomer Catriel drowns “nbdymksmefeellowlikeudo” in a sludge of static, indecipherable words gurgle as percussion attempts to save this doomed victim. Pain streaks the 12”, agony streaming from sweat soaked grooves. Fresh from their recent killer EP on Timedance, UK techno/noise duo Giant Swan take a piece of pipe to “Dare”, pounding it with heavy blows, forcing confessions through verbal assault before leaving it more bloody pulp than track. If you’re hoping for some refuge you’d better think again. Mysterious Columbian tehcno producer Gotshell (Blueprint/Nachtstromschallplatten) closes with a double brewed remix of “De Omnibus Dubitandum.” Distortion is sheered away, leaving those throbbing notes to bubble in a tank of hi-hats and snare rolls. A 12” that’ll leave speakers blown and listeners in need of a tetanus shot.

    GENRE: Techno/Industrial
    FORMAT: Vinyl & Digital
    RELEASE DATE: 19/03/18