• Innsyter - Magnetic Healing EP (CYN002)

  • Contort Yourself is extremely proud to present the first full release from Innsyter since his killer LP for LA Club Resource in 2016!

    RELEASE DATE: 4th SEPT 2018

    'Rough and ready machine tracks from Brazilian producer and December collaborator Innsyter on the new Contort Yourself series. CYN002 picks up where Coletivo Vandalismo left off, channeling that same wild, DIY bedroom studio spirit across nine individual recordings. Opening with sprawling synth motifs fighting against a steady rhythm track, ‘Desintegrado’ sounds like an industrial dub punk trying to channel early Cluster or Moebius and strangely succeeding. The rest of the EP treats us to vaguely Drexciyan, subaquatic electro (‘Bries’) and twisted lo-fi minimalism with bonus eerie monologue samples (‘Superficial Love’). The one recurring theme on Magnetic Healing is Innsyter’s clear love for mournful, post-punk inspired melodies. It comes across loud and clear on almost every track yet never sounds tired. Things eventually draw to a close with the hopelessly romantic new wave instrumental ‘Forest Shaman' - a blink and you’ll miss it ballad for all those weary-eyed party-goers who stuck around til the sun came up!'

  • CYN002 - Innsyter - Magnetic Healing EP

    A1 - Desintegrado
    A2 - Bries
    A3 - Risadinha
    A4 - Local Fantasy

    B1 - In the Spell
    B2 - Global Borng
    B3 - Superficial Love
    B4 - Modus Operandi IV
    B5 - Forest Shaman


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    "LA Club Resource's Innsyter helps carry Contort Yourself into this new realm of dedicated solo releases from contemporary artists (their previous form was to split releases between archival and new tracks). The snarling, industrial palette is much the same, and the years of origin are as ambiguous here as they've ever been on the label, making Innsyter the perfect addition to the catalogue. From acid-dipped synth pop to nightmarish wave contortions, this record is certainly not for the faint of heart, but if you already love the dark and deadly world of Contort Yourself then this brilliantly-realised, consistently inventive record can't fail to hit the spot." Juno
    Listen to 'Desintegrado' (Stray Landings Premiere)
    Listen to 'Risadinha' (Bizaarbazaar Premiere)
    Listen to 'Bries' (Orb Mag Premiere)
    Read Innsyter's Track Selection for If Only
    'Vast dollops of distortion, flexible grooves, and physical beats. Absolutely teeming with intense spirit...what music ought to feel like, raw and visceral to its very core.' Beach Sloth

    Cassette-damaged, rhythmic experiments drawing on punk, noise, techno and darkwave. Continues in much the same vein as the volatile atmosphere & grit of 2016's Poison Life' If Only
    'Sounds at once both forgotten and futuristic, like a knackered mix-tape found on mars.The strangeness of its sound is unmistakable. The beats and the arpeggios merge into one another to create an odd-shaped mush. But there is plenty of groove in there if you listen carefully.' Stray Landings
    "'Local Fantasy‘ is a faded post-romantic meandering into the darkest recesses of a lover’s tortured mind, halfway a disillusioned John Maus ballad and Suicide meets Jandek bleached-out folk pop tropes. Dipped in a thick sauce of tape saturations, tides of dusty riffs and slo-mo drums beat an anesthetic cadence, and Seixlack emphasises on the eerie character of it all to create a cut as oddly enticing as it is gently haunting." Inverted Audio
    Played on NTS Radio shows by BergonistNot Waving & From The Depths w/ Drakeford
    Played on X Ray FM's Songs From Under The Floorboard