• OUT NOW - Coletivo Vandalismo 12" EP - Wild Industrial/EBM - OUCH!    

  • Kicking off a new series of 12"s focusing exclusively on contemporary artists we have some wild experimental industrial muzak from Portuguese duo Coletivo Vandalismo!

    CYN001 - Coletivo Vandalismo - Urubus Fall From The Dying Sun In An Improvised Manner EP 

    A1 - The (Black) Sun's Burning (feat. Neonthroat)
    A2 - Hostages of Society
    A3 - Zombie Zombie

    B1 - Are You Awake?
    B2 - Children of the Curse
    B3 - Black Sun's Demise

    VINYL: JUNO and all other good record shops


    The Portuguese industrial punk outfit (who also DJ under the name GAM and recently released an LP on Lake Haze's Eye For An Eye label) have a visceral sound that favours noise and distortion, but most importantly they know how to wield these sonic tools for maximum impact. Their music has an immediacy that seems to stem from a background in live performance as opposed to polished studio sessions - an improvisational punk aesthetic that manages to carry this EP so strongly. The snarl of the synths and the crunch of the drums on "Hostages Of Society" could easily be too much in the wrong hands, but here the errant tones find their own space in the mix, making the impact of the track all the more on-point. Wild, crashing fx and unrecognisable vocal distortions layer atop wonky 90bpm drum machine grooves and the pair even show off what may be their turntablism skills on ‘Zombie Zombie’. There’s a nod to early concrète on the closing track ‘Black Sun’s Demise’ with whirring, mechanical noise motifs suddenly jolting us into punishing gabber-at-33-minus-8 territory. The DIY spirit is alive and well here and the feeling that things could fall apart at any minute just adds to the tension.

     "...A bit like a sturdy 2AM DJ set injected with a smidge of Wolf Eyes, this blows the doors off most industrial dance stuff." - The Vinyl District