• PREMIERE: Inverted Audio present 'Haydée – No Gouvernance' from CY008    

  • NEW PREMIERE: Inverted Audio present 'Haydée – No Gouvernance' from the forthcoming CY008 12"....CHEQUE CHEQUE CHECK IT!! 


    Values often attached to the wildest fringe of hardcore punk and noise music, intrepid sound collagism and DIY-attitude are at the very heart of Contort Yourself, the label operated out of Glasgow by Murray CY since 2014. Instead of focusing on a single artist with every release, the Scottish imprint zeroed in on a raw and abrasive clash of styles, doing the splits between epochs and geographies through an ever minutely-curated cohort of VAs, featuring artists representative of the past, present and future of industrial techno and much more than that.

    Taken from CY’s latest assortment of gut-churning delicacies, ‘The Black Wig Throw Off‘, we’re glad to introduce French duo Haydée with the demented powerhouse weapon ‘No Gouvernance‘. Plainly devoted to bashing the walls of the club with sledgehammers and tearing the dancefloor to shreds with its saturated compound of incensed screams, bone-bruising drums and mangled 8-bit synths, the pair serve up a limit-testing chunk of hybrid proto-tech punk that’s better tasted in the dungeon with a balaclava on the head. No gods, no masters… no surrender!