• CY001 – V/A – Decapitated One-Liners EP

    A1 – Parrish Smith – Revolution Will Always Be Televised
    A2 – Pankow – Das Vodkalied (Helena Hauff remix)
    B1 – Pankow – Das Vodkalied (1983)
    B2 – Pankow – I’m Food For You (1983)
    B3 – Perseus Traxx – Get Away

    CY001 - Decapitated One-Liners EP

    OUT NOW ON VINYL (Limited to 300 copies)
    Each record comes in a proper printed matt card sleeve with hand stamped insert.

    Parrish Smith’s debut of dystopic forbidding sets the tone and weight of this release with a stark, acid ridden slab of body music which shows a keen ear and definite skill for someone who only began producing in earnest less than a year ago. Golden Pudel resident Helena Hauff, having had music released recently on Bunker records sub-label Panzerkreuz, adds to the proceedings with her remix of Pankow’s “Das Vodkalied” taking no prisoners and using heavy percussion in contrast to a wonderfully tense set of arpeggiations, which all descend into skull crushing pressure.

    Carrying over to the flip side are Pankow, pioneers of the Italian Industrial/EBM scene, with two tracks from their legendary first tape “Throw Out Rite” released in 1983. With the almost disorientating original version of “Das Vodkalied” carrying on nicely from Miss Hauff’s remix, disembodied vocals are cut up and come from every direction as they resound about a steel chamber driven by a raw, off-kilter energy and pounding beat. “I’m Food For You” drops the confusion for more discernible vocals, but cranks up the drive and anxiety to create a very forward moving track based around stark arpeggiation. Both versions of these tracks have never appeared on vinyl before.
    Last of all, Perseus Traxx provides a stripped down venting of frustrations, quickly arranged and captured on tape, which he spits out with vehemence in stark contrast to his deeper and more dreamy explorations of house music, thereby providing something much more in keeping with output on Bunker Records..

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    Norman Nodge (Berghain) “This is stuff that remains in your brain while so called big-room-techno has disappeared … I deeply enjoyed listening this promo, thanks!”

    Cottam – “F***in’ ace…. One of the best promos I’ve been sent in ages……. Hard pushed to pick a fav from these so I’m gonna do scissors paper stone…. Right I’m off to play these loud to educate my neighbourhood….”

    Perc – “Quality EP, really love it! Thank you.”

    Rivet (Skudge Present, Kontra-Musik) – “Yes this is right up my alley. It’s kinda depressing that better techno was made in 83 than in 14 :S”

    Adam X – “Very cool release as I am a big Pankow fan. Cool that you released some of that early cassette of theirs that is on my want list on discogs!”

    Surgeon – “Like them all, will play on Rinse FM”

    Snuff Crew – “Love this record! Cheers Snuffo / Snuff Crew”

    Sigha – “one for those special moments. great release, many thanks”

    angel molina – “well… this is a MORE THAN WELCOMED release for me!!! Pankow has always been (and still!) one of my top 3 synth bands, so really excited to get some of the tracks off their first tape. Obviously this is not the stuff I usually play, but this is the stuff I collect. ‘I’m Food For You’ is my track on here. Thanks SO MUCH.”

    tommy four seven – “Brilliant release! Particularly Helena Hauff’s remix. Big!”

    Dr. Motte (PRAXXIZ records/Love Parade) -“soundz like “kebabträume in der mauerstadt” electronic punk from the early 1980 underground in the tradition of music with synthesizers & sequencers.a reply to the commercial music industry and the inhuman society. that’s how it sounds at this time in berlin too. if you like the electronic band “ALU” you will like this release too. full support!”

    marco zenker – “Dope record! My fav is the Helena Hauff mix. Funky! Thank you!”

    Ancient Methods – Great to see the two Pankow classics hitting the vinyl. Sweat Helena Hauff remix.”

    Nima Khak (H-Productions // Drumcode) – “Love the punk vibe! Thanks.”

    Audio Injection/Truncate – “Great stuff! Those 1983 versions are so good too”

    Andy Ash – “Well… this is a bit of a monster release! Love it.”

    Paul Mac – “Really nice old school vibes here digging the Helena Hauff mix the most on first listen but quality throughout here for sure”

    benny rodrigues – “dope!!!! all traxx!”

    Ness – “wow nice 🙂 blast from the past!”

    Mike Darkfloor (Mantis Radio / Future Music FM / Darkfloor) – “Crunch’d jackers on an industrial/EBM tip. Yes please.”

    Raíz – “Das Vodkalied = DOPE! classic industrial”

    Hunee – “queen helena! great great great !!”

    Mitchell (www.outernational.nl) – “One of the best releases I’ve come across this year thus far. Parrish Smith’s track is an absolute beast.”

    Truss – “Amazing EP. Parrish Smith and Helena Hauff remix of Das Vodkalied are ace”

    Kastil – “Great and fresh approach of 707 rytm on Parrish’s track,and really good ebm cuts. Helena’s rework is perfect for transitions also and Perseus gives a fun and dirty sounding cut. Loving this wide release! I will play a lot, thx!”

    PAWEL GZYL (NOWA MUZYKA – www.nowamuzyka.pl) – “Killer tracks! Thanks for re-buried Pankow trax. Great job!”

    Paul Crognale (Bokhari Records) – “Super debut EP – Opening track is an absolute monster. Keep up the good work”

    Victor Martinez (Psychoskunk -Sect / pskmediamusic.blogspot.com/) “Love this stuff .. full support”

    TEA (www.teaandtechno.blogspot.com) – “Great first release!”

    Norwell – “brilliant ep i love every track from it!”


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